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Aansluit, Northern Cape

Afrikaans name: Aansluit

Aansluit is a tiny settlement in the Northern Cape. It is situated near the Botswana border and near the confluence of the Kuruman and Moshaweng water courses.

The surrounding area is arid and rugged and dominated by the red Kalahari sand.

There is no accommodation in Aansluit itself but there are one or two guest houses in the area. I can’t imagine that visiting Aansluit itself is high on anyone’s to do list unless perhaps one knew people there, but the surrounding area is a dry and sparsely inhabited wilderness which appeals to certain people including the author! If you do want to visit this area there are more accommodation options available at Van Zylsrus which is 56 km away to the west.

One should make sure that one has sufficient fuel and water when exploring the lonely roads in this vicinity.

By the way, “Aansluit” is an Afrikaans word that translates to “connects” in English.

Have you been to the Aansluit area? What's it like?

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