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Afrikaans name: Olifantshoek

One of the possible explanations for the name of the town of Olifantshoek is that an elephant tusk was used to pay for the land on which the settlement of Olifantshoek was founded. Other versions refer to elephant bones and to a direct translation of the word "Ditlou" which is the Setswana word for Elephant. One thing is for sure: there were plenty of elephants in the region some time ago. By the way the name "Olifantshoek" is the Afrikaans name for Elephant's Corner. The town was founded in 1912.

Although the town is situated in a dry area there are a number of scenic and adventure attractions in the area. These include the Witsand Nature Reserve, San rock paintings and the Lange Mountains.

The main farming activity in the region is beef cattle. There is also iron ore mining in the vicinity.

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