The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Bush Squeaker

Afrikaans name: Boskikker

A Bush Squeaker frog calling from amongst the leaf litter

Bush Squeaker frog calling

Photo © Steven Herbert

Arthroleptis wahlbergi

The Bush Squeaker is a tiny little frog that reaches a maximum size of 3 cm. This frog is well-known for its high-pitched call during rainy weather (even my garden sprinkler sets them off...)

The upper parts of the Bush Squeaker are brown with reddish-brown blotches. Underneath it is white with speckles. Their colouration blends in perfectly with leaf litter in gardens and along streams in well-vegetated areas.

An interesting fact about the Bush Squeaker, and others in its family, is that they do not go through a tadpole phase. The eggs hatch and tiny frogs emerge. Frogs that do not go through a tadpole phase are known as direct developers.

The Bush Squeaker is only found in the coastal areas of eastern South Africa. It may occur in Mozambique as well.

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