The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Aggeneys, Northern Cape

Afrikaans name: Aggeneys

Aggeneys is a small town with a population of around 2,300 people. The town got its name from the farm which occupied the land before the town was established. There are at least four different interpretations of what the name “Aggeneys” means, none of which appear to be strongly favoured as the correct one.

The reason for the town being established in 1976 was to service the mines in the area. Copper, zinc, silver and lead are mined nearby. The main mine in the area, and the major employer of the local population, is Black Mountain Mine. Nearly 1,000 people are employed by the mine.

Aggeneys is situated in an arid region and gets some of its water pumped from the Orange River. The surrounding area is very rugged and uninviting. Temperatures in summer can reach close to 40 degrees Celsius with winter temperatures sometimes reaching zero overnight. It only receives around 11 cm of rain per year.

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