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Common Flat Lizard

Afrikaans name: Transvaalse Plat Rotsakkedis

Common Flat Lizard

Common Flat Lizard

Photo © Claire Herbert

Platysaurus intermedius intermedius

The males Common Flat Lizard has a beautiful colouration which includes brilliant blue, green and orange. The female is more of a dark olive brown with three cream stripes down its back. Males grow to a length of 22 to 23 cm and females are about 2 cm smaller.

These lizards are found in the north-eastern regions of South Africa. A different subspecies occurs in Zimbabwe.

The Common Flat Lizard is found on rocky outcrops in bushveld areas. In some areas they can be found in large colonies. They eat a variety of insects including ants, grasshoppers, beetles and cockroaches.

They breed in late summer and the female normally lays 2 eggs.

Common Flat Lizard

Beautiful male Common Flat Lizard

Photo © Steven Herbert

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