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Pleasant Hornet

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Pleasant Hornet - Euchromia amoena

Pleasant Hornet

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Euchromia amoena

The Pleasant Hornet is actually a form of moth that flies in the day. It is a colourful insect and is one of over 30 species that occurs in South Africa within the family Erebidae (previously Ctenuchidae). Most of these tend to be black with or without colours in their wings and bands across their otherwise black bodies.

It is a beautiful insect that will be found congregating on plants that have a lot of pollen. It tends to favour whitish flowers.

One interesting feature of these moths, sometimes known as handmaidens, is that the forewing is much bigger than the hindwing.

The preferred habitat of the Pleasant Hornet is subtropical forests and bushveld near to the coast. The Pleasant Hornet is found in many of the countries along the eastern region of Africa, including Madagascar, as well as in Bangladesh.

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