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Grobler's Bridge

Afrikaans name: Grobler's Brug

Grobler's Bridge over Komati River

Photo © Steven Herbert

Grobler's Bridge was finished in 1897 and was the main bridge across the Komati River, on the R36 between Carolina and Machadodorp, until it was replaced by the Stoltz Bridge nearby. Grobler's Bridge has a length of 41 metres and was made from locally sourced materials. It still looks strong and fit for function today. One is able to access the bridge from the R572. There is a plaque on the bridge commemorating those who were involved in its construction.

The Komati River is a perennial river that flows from between Hendrina and Carolina and flows east till it eventually reaches the Indian Ocean at Maputo Bay. This gives it a length of around 480 km.

This river merges with the Crocodile River near Komatipoort. Soon afterwards it plummets through a gorge down to the coastal lowlands of Mozambique.

The Komati River is also known as the Incomati River which is derived from the siSwati word for cow. Cows give milk all year round and this river flows all year which gives the link between the cow and the river.

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