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Afrikaans name: Delmas

Delmas CBD


Photo © Steven Herbert

Delmas is a small town near the border of Mpumalanga and Gauteng. It is located in an important crop growing area with potatoes, wheat and maize being grown. The town was founded on the farm Witklip, in 1907. Witklip was owned by a Frenchman, Frank Dumat, who referred to the farm as "de la mas" which is French for "small farm".

Delmas is not known as a tourist destination but it is located near Johannesburg and Pretoria and some people go there for weekend getaways. It has a 9-hole golf course and it is well placed to visit Bronkhorstspruit Dam.

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Hammer and Anvil Monument

The Hammer and Anvil Monument in honour of the Delmas 22 (1985-1989) and Delmas 4 (1989)who were tried for treason

Photo © Steven Herbert

Delmas NG Church

NG Church in Delmas

Photo © Steven Herbert

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