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Winterton Museum

Winterton Museum

Behind the Winterton Museum building

Photo © Steven Herbert

The Winterton Museum is housed in an old house, just off the main street, as you enter Winterton from the N3 freeway side.

Inside the building there are collections of books, photographs and items from the battles between the British and Boers and in particular the Battle of Spioenkop.

In the back yard there are a number of exhibits of old agricultural implements and Zulu bee-hive huts.

One of the most interesting exhibits is housed in an open shed at the back. It is the motorhome used by Rear Admiral John Weston and his family to tour South Africa and beyond.

The museum is open on weekdays and on Saturday mornings. It is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

What did you find interesting at the Winterton Museum?

Winterton Museum

Above - John Weston motor home

Photo © Steven Herbert

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