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Louw Wepener Grave Site

Afrikaans name: Louw Wepener se Begraf Plek

Louw Wepener Grave Site

Louw Wepener Grave Site

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Between the towns of Bethulie and Aliwal North one passes a monument to Kommandant Louw Wepener. Wepener was born in 1812 and died in 1865. The monument also honours Adam Raubenheimer who also died in action against the Basuto people.

Wepener was killed in action during the second Orange Free State-Basuto War. He led an attack on the founder of the Basuto nation (now Lesotho), Moshoeshoe I, at Thaba Bosigo and he died at Khubelo Pass.

Initially Wepener was buried at the top of Thaba Bosigo but Moshoeshoe I allowed Wepeners son to identify and remove the remains in 1866. The remains were reburied on his farm, Constantia, in an unmarked grave but there were moved to their current location in 1940 and the monument was erected.

Wepener’s life could have gone in a total direction as he was interested in become a minister of the church. To achieve this ambition he would have needed to go for training overseas but he was prevented from doing this as his guardian would not provide the necessary consent.

Louw Wepener Grave Site

Plaque showing the attack on Thaba Bosigo

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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