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Tzaneen Dam

Afrikaans name: Tzaneendam

Tzaneen Dam

Tzaneen Dam

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Tzaneen Dam is located just off the R71 road just north of the town of Tzaneen. The dam is an earth-fill type dam and is fed by the Groot Letaba River.

The dam provides water to the town and is also used for irrigation on the surrounding farms. It was completed in 1976 and has a maximum depth of 50 metres and a length of just over a kilometre.

Accommodation is available in the town and there are camp sites available at the dam.

The dam is popular for two main activities in particular - birding and angling. A checklist of over 300 species of birds has been built up over the years. A particularly good spot is below the dam wall because of the different types of habitat there. The dam is very well known by anglers for its carp. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are also commonly caught. An annual bass fishing tournament is held on the dam. Take note that there are Hippo in the dam and care should be taken not to get too close to them.

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