The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Sasol First Field Guide to Dragonflies of Southern Africa

Cover of Sasol First Field Guide to Dragonflies of Southern Africa

Author: Warren and Vienessa Goodwin

Number of pages: 57

Year published: 2003

Edition: 1st

Published by: Struik Nature


ISBN: 1 86872 850 1

Web site: Struik Nature

The Wildebeests Review of Sasol First Field Guide to Dragonflies of SA

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

I must admit that I love the series of “First Field Guides” to various groups of animals and other subjects. If I find one that I don’t have I immediately buy it and add it to my collection. Why do I like these mini publications?

The answer is simple. They are written in a very user-friendly way and provide an overview of a particular subject that is easy to absorb. They also include enough species of the subject, dragonflies in this case, to get you started with identifying them.

This guide includes around 40 species of dragonfly and damselfly. Each species is illustrated with a colour photo. The notes cover the description, habitat and habits, as well as the distribution of the species. A small distribution map is included.

I recommend this title, or any of the other “Sasol First Field Guides”, to anyone who has a fascination for the outdoors and wildlife of southern Africa.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Pallid Spreadwing - Page: 16
Common Pond Damsel - Page: 17
Painted Sprite - Page: 18
Kerstens Sprite - Page: 19
Riffle Sprite - Page: 20
March Bluetail - Page: 21
Swamp Bluet - Page: 22
Glistening Demoiselle - Page: 23
Dancing Jewel - Page: 24
Common Tigertail - Page: 25
Common Hooktail - Page: 26
Vagrant Emperor - Page: 27
Blue Emperor - Page: 28
Orange Emperor - Page: 29
Darting Cruiser - Page: 30
Strong Skimmer - Page: 31
White-lined Skimmer - Page: 32
Epaulet Skimmer - Page: 33
Long Skimmer - Page: 34
Black-pointed Skimmer - Page: 35
Yellow-veined Widow - Page: 36
Lucia Widow - Page: 37
Pied-spot - Page: 38
Black Percher - Page: 39
Broad Scarlet - Page: 40
Small Scarlet - Page: 41
Horned Rockdweller - Page: 42
Banded Groundling - Page: 43
Red-veined Darter - Page: 44
Barbet Percher - Page: 45
Violet Dropwing - Page: 46
Red-veined Dropwing - Page: 47
Lakeside Dropwing - Page: 48
Rock Dropwing - Page: 49
Jaunty Dropwing - Page: 50
Ringed Cascader - Page: 51
Phantom Flutterer - Page: 52
Wandering Glider - Page: 53
Wheeling Glider - Page: 54
Blue Basker - Page: 55


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