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South African Country Life Magazine - Issue 278 - September 2019

Cover of South African Country Life Magazine - Issue 278 - September 2019

Number of pages: 112

Year published: 2019

Published by: Caxton Magazines

ISBN: 9771023178007

Cover price: R40.00

Facebook page: SA Country Life

The Wildebeest's Review of SA Country Life Issue 278

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

Glancing through the subjects on the overcrowded cover of this September issue of SA Country Life I see several things of interest. From De Rust to Lesotho to Botswana and many more stops in-between this promises to be a good edition of one of my favourite magazines.

As always, I start with the photos in the Image Club section. This months winning shots feature a gannet, chameleon, snail and a dog. Interesting selection. I like the fourth prize photo of a dog in full “flight.”

Next, I am whisked away to De Rust. This quaint town is located in a rather scenic region of the Klein Karoo. Fancy a horse ride in Lesotho? The next article will inspire you to do it and not dream about it.

My love of birding draws me to an article on the conservation of Crowned Eagles. This is followed by a tantalizing article on birdwatching in the Okavango delta. One day I will get there and go on a mokoro ride.

Overall, a good issue of SA Country Life magazine. I have made a few plans while reading through it. What about you?

Some of the subjects in this publication

De Rust - Page: 18
Post Retief - Page: 32
Fort Armstrong - Page: 32
Darling - Page: 36
Himeville - Page: 42
Bathurst - Page: 44
Cradock - Page: 54
Sodwana Bay - Page: 58
Featherbed Private Nature Reserve - Page: 62
African Crowned Eagle - Page: 70
Pondo Trail - Page: 78


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