The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Frogs and Toads of the Natal Drakensberg

Cover of Frogs and Toads of the Natal Drakensberg

Author: AJL Lambiris

Number of pages: 62

Year published: 1988

Edition: 1st

Published by: University of Natal


ISBN: 0 86980 612 2

Website: UKZN Press

The Wildebeest's Review of Frogs and Toads of the Natal Drakensberg

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

The majestic Drakensberg Mountains do not appear to be a place that may be home to frogs and toads but this booklet, published by the University of Natal Press, proves that these amphibians can live their life in this seemingly uninviting environment.

In the preface, by Professor John Poynton, he makes a great comment. He remarks that "frogs might not seem the most popular animal group to choose. Yet getting to know frogs is a way of gaining a deeper feeling for wetlands...". I like that statement!

The book describes around 25 species, and sub-species, of frogs that are found in the Drakensberg region. Each species has a write up that describes the frog, habitat and behaviour, call and call site, breeding and development, local range, and similar species. There is a drawing of the tadpole phase of each species along with its mouthparts. The adult frogs are illustrated in colour at the end of the booklet.

I think that this is a worthwhile publication to take on your visit to, or hike in, the Drakensberg if you have any sort of interest in frogs. If you are lucky enough to encounter frogs on your trip it will give you a great chance of identifying them.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Common Platanna - Page: 12
Natal Ghost Frog - Page: 14
Karoo Toad - Page: 16
Guttural Toad - Page: 18
Raucous Toad - Page: 19
Plaintive Rain Frog - Page: 21
Bushveld Rain Frog - Page: 22
Natal Sand Frog - Page: 24
Common River Frog - Page: 26
Drakensberg River Frog - Page: 28
Cape River Frog - Page: 30
Phofung River Frog (see 9071) - Page: 31
Plain Stream Frog - Page: 33
Clicking Stream Frog - Page: 35
Striped Stream Frog - Page: 36
Striped Grass Frog - Page: 40
Snoring Puddle Frog - Page: 42
Boettgers Caco - Page: 44
Bronze Caco - Page: 46
Mountain Caco - Page: 47
Natal Chirping Frog - Page: 48
Long-toed Tree Frog - Page: 50
Bubbling Kassina - Page: 51
Rattling Frog - Page: 53


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