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  • If you are searching for the "king of the beasts" then key in the word "lion."

  • If you want information on the big mountain that's flat on top the key in "table mountain."

  • If you are looking for a good time in South Africa, then key in either "kruger national park" or "cape town." Make sure that you have the check box to only search The Wildebeest if you are going to type "looking for a good time" in South Africa as who knows what options that Google will give you.

  • People looking for a good restaurant to eat at have come to the wrong site.

  • If you don't know what you are looking for, I suggest you click the "Random" button at the bottom of this page.

  • Those looking for a way to support this website financially can click the "Ko-fi" button or contact me through the contact page.

  • Of course many of you will be search to find out what is a "blue gnu" so I will make it easy for you. You won't even have to search for it. A Blue gnu is a Wildebeest, specifically a Blue Wildebeest.

  • Should you want to know which is the best rugby team in the world then search for "springbok."

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