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Afrikaans name: Swinburne

This bridge over the Wilge River was completed in 1884

The second oldest bridge in the Free State is in Swinburne

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Swinburne is a tiny village just off the N3 highway. It is located between the towns of Van Reenen and Harrismith. It is 20 km east of Harrismith and is just off the N3 highway. Montrose is 1 kilometre or so away.

The weather in the Swinburne area is quite changeable. Be prepared to experience anything from hot to snowy along with mist and strong winds.

The bridge over the Wilge River in the town is the second oldest bridge in the Free State. It was completed in 1884.

Although Swinburne itself may not offer much in the way of facilities, the surrounding area is both beautiful and a great area for hiking and climbing. The village is located near to the edge of the Drakensberg escarpment.

The Rensburgkop Mountain dominates the surrounding skyline and is popular with climbers and hikers. For more info on climbing in this area visit SAClimb website.

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