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Afrikaans name: Breyten

The town of Breyten


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Breyten is a small town situated between Carolina and Ermelo. Residents of Breyten tend to visit Ermelo for shopping and other purposes not readily available in Breyten.

The surrounding country is hilly and a spring, which is the source of the mighty Vaal River, is located nearby. Interestingly while the Vaal River flows to the west there are the Olifants and Komati Rivers which both flow to the east.

Coal mining is the main commercial activity in the area although there is also farming. Most of the residents of the town are employed in the mining and related industries.

A pan on the main road between Ermelo and Carolina, near the Breyten turnoff, offers good bird-watching opportunities. A number of wading birds, such as flamingos and stilts, can be seen. Birders should also consider travelling east from Breyton on the R542 to Chrissiesmeer. This region attracts numerous waterbirds with its numerous dams and pans.

What is there to do in the Breyten area?

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