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Brighton Beach, Durban

Afrikaans name: Brighton Strand

Brighton Beach on the Bluff, Durban

Brighton Beach, Durban with the tidal pool in the background

Photo © Steven Herbert


Brighton Beach is a popular beach amongst local residents as it is conveniently located on the Bluff, a Durban suburb, and is just down the road past Anstey’s Beach.

The beach is popular with sunbathers and fishermen. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean make swimming possible all year round. At low tide a lot of rocks are exposed, and one can clamber about them looking in the rock pools for little fish, crabs and other sea life. There is a large pool on the promenade as well as a tidal pool. It is always worthwhile to keep a watch out to sea for whales or dolphins. Quite often you may see the spout from a whale and possible parts of it if you are patient.

A revamped restaurant has recently been opened. It offers a good view of the beach and sea. The large parking lot is popular for family get togethers which normally include a braai.

There are a number of places offering bed and breakfast accommodation on the Bluff, many of them overlooking the sea. When you are at Brighton Beach you cannot help but notice all the houses perched on the top of the ‘bluff’. The Bluff has become very popular residential areas and a lot of money has been invested in upgrading and expanding those properties overlooking the sea.

Brighton Beach fisherman, Durban

A fisherman on Brighton Beach in Durban

Photo © Steven Herbert

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