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Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Afrikaans name: Bronkhorstspruitdam

Looking across the dam to the residential section

Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Photo © Steven Herbert


The Bronkhorstspruit Dam was completed in 1950 and has a capacity of 58.5 million cubic metres of water, with a surface area of 861 hectares. The dam wall is 35 metres high and 152 metres long.

The dam supplies water for industrial as well as for domestic use.

It is located about an hour away from the heavily populated areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria and is a popular recreational destination for city dwellers. The town of Bronkhorstspruit is a bit over 10 km away. It is used for all sorts of water sports including jet skiing, waterskiing and sailing. It is also home to numerous waterbirds which attracts many birders.

Fishing is another major drawcard and fish such as Bass, Carp and Barbel may be caught.

The dam is divided up into a number of areas including residential, a nature reserve, boating clubs, camping and more. There are plenty of places for one to picnic and a number of campsites are available.

Are you a regular visitor to Bronkhorst Dam? What do you do there?

The east end of the dam

The eastern limits of the dam

Photo © Steven Herbert

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