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Common Citril

Afrikaans name: Gewone Aljander

Common Citril

Common Citril damselfly

Photo © Steven Herbert

Ceriagrion glabrum

The Common Citril is a common sight in suitable habitats. At times it is very common. In South Africa it occurs southern, eastern and northern regions of the country.

It is most commonly found near water in savanna but can be seen in other places such as coastal forest.

The male is orange in colour and the female is olive to brown in colour. The can grow to a length of 4 cm or more and have a wingspan of up to 5 cm.

In some areas the Common Citril can be found all year round but it is most abundant between December and April.

It occurs in many other African countries where it goes under names such as Orange Waxtail, Common Pond Damsel and Common Citril.

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