The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Masai Sprite

Afrikaans name: Masaigesie

Masai Sprite

Masai Sprite damselfly

Photo © Steven Herbert

Pseudagrion massaicum

The Masai Sprite is a smallish damselfly with a length of just over 3 cm. Females are, on average, slightly larger than males. They have a wingspan of around 4 cm.

Males are orangey-red on the head and thorax and blue near the tail. Females are more greenish and are difficult to identify from other similar species.

They are found over virtually all of South Africa, including arid regions. They occur at altitude of up to 2,000 metres but are most common below 1,700 metres. The only criteria is that there is some water available. They like to perch on floating vegetation.

Masai Sprites can only be seen between September and May. They are widely distributed in the southern half of Africa, but not as widespread in northern Africa.

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