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Zwartkops Resort

Afrikaans name: Zwartkops Oord

Zwartkops Resort surrounds

View of surrounding area

Photo © Steven Herbert


Zwartkops Resort is a small camping and picnic area set on the banks of the Hennops River near Centurion. It is administered by the Tshwane Municipality.

The Resort has a large Lapa area set aside for functions. The separate camping area is fenced off and only accessible to residents of the camp site. There are a number of picnic sites set up along the river.

Zwartkops Resort is conveniently close to Centurion and Zwartkops Raceway.

There is not much to do at the resort other than to relax, do some birding or go riding. There are no trails and you can go more or less wherever you like.

During summer the reedbeds are full of nesting weavers, bishops and widows which provide some good photographic opportunities. A number of waterbirds can be seen, especially those flying over the resort.

Please take note the water in the Hennops River is often heavily polluted and may smell. One should definitely not swim in it!

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Zwartkops Resort

The functions area at Zwartkops Resort

Photo © Steven Herbert

ennops River at Zwartkops Resort

Hennops River

Photo © Steven Herbert

Wattled Lapwing

African Wattled Lapwings are a common sight

Photo © Steven Herbert

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