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Masorini Archaeological Site, Kruger National Park

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Approaching the site

Masorini Archaeological Site in Kruger National Park

Photo © Steven Herbert


Approximately 12 km from the Phalaborwa Gate, in Kruger National Park, one comes across a turnoff to Masorini Archaelogical site. This spot is well worth a stop as it gives a fascinating glimpse into how people lived in the area a few hundred years ago.

At the site there is a small picnic area and a tiny museum which exhibits some artefacts from the site. The main attraction is, however, a short way up the hillside.

Every now and then during the day a guide will take a group to go and visit the restored site. There are various things to see including the furnace area, where iron was smelted, huts and counsel area. The guide is very informative and the short tour is free.

While being shown around the exhibits look for lizards on the large boulders. Look for the Common Giant Plated Lizard and brightly coloured Common Flat Lizard.

Iron was smelted here

A furnace used to smelt the iron

Photo © Steven Herbert

Museum exhibit

There is a tiny museum at the site

Photo © Steven Herbert

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Reconstructed huts

Reconstruction of some of the huts

Photo © Steven Herbert

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