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Wild Magazine - Issue 14 - Autumn 2011

Cover of Wild Magazine - Issue 14 - Autumn 2011

Number of pages: 64

Year published: 2011

Published by: TIP Publishing


Cover price: Complimentary

Web site: SANParks

The Wildebeest's Review of Wild Magazine - Issue 14

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

The cover of issue 14 of Wild Magazine features a nice photo of a Leopard and I notice that the magazine features an article on the elusive Cape Leopard. I am looking forward to reading that.

The first article that catches my eye is the one on the extreme northern part of Kruger National Park. This area is known as a birding hotspot, but it has much more to offer. One thing that I enjoy is that it is not as busy as the southern section of the park.

Now for the Cape Leopard. The article entitled “The Ghostly Hunters” features numerous photos, taken by camera traps, of these beautiful animals. It is a pity they aren’t easier for the average nature lover to enjoy. It mentions that the range of a male Leopard in the Cederberg is 300 square kilometres which is a lot of space to try and find a single cat.

Of course, there is much more to enjoy in this magazine. Check out the articles on bird song, a 4x4 trail to a cottage in the Karoo National Park, Goukamma and others.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Agulhas National Park - Page: 8
Verreauxs Eagle - Page: 11
Blue Guarri - Page: 12
Black Monkey-orange - Page: 12
Cape Saffron - Page: 12
Pafuri Picnic Site, KNP - Page: 14
Punda Maria Camp, KNP - Page: 14
Goukamma Nature Reserve - Page: 22
Cederberg Wilderness Area - Page: 28
Leopard - Page: 36
Karoo National Park - Page: 50
Nyalaland Wilderness Trail, KNP - Page: 60
Pels Fishing-Owl - Page: 60


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