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Go! Magazine - Issue 146 - August 2018

Cover of Go! Magazine - Issue 146 - August 2018

Number of pages: 146

Year published: 2018

Published by: Media24

ISBN: 9771819671002

Cover price: R55.50

Web site: go! magazine

The Wildebeest's Review of "go! Issue 146"

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

A spectacular starry sky adorns the cover of go! Magazine issue 146 and the main feature appears to be the Cederberg. Another headline that captures my attention is “Williston – stock up on Karoo chops.” I will read that, perhaps even before the Cederberg article.

The Williston article is a good read with lots of photos highlighting life in this small town. I even picked up some tips on where to buy my chops. I paged back to the Cederberg article and spent some time getting familiar with the map on page 41. It highlights 24 places of interest in the Cederberg Wilderness Area and other nearby locations. This is a useful article if you are planning on visiting this wonderful part of the country.

You wouldn’t normally take too much interest in photos of snails, but I highly recommend you have a look at the selection of photos taken by Marcus Jooste. They are simply beautiful and shows snails like I have never seen them.

Once again, an interesting and entertaining copy of go! Magazine.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Cape Cobra - Page: 20
Cederberg - Page: 30
Magaliesberg Mountains - Page: 100
Williston - Page: 102
Red Desert Nature Reserve - Page: 112
Kori Bustard - Page: 137


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