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Afrikaans name: Noordhoek

Noordhoek is part of the stunning West Coast

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Western Cape

When driving south on the stunning Chapman's Peak Drive from Cape Town there is a point where the road heads inland and there is a beautiful stretch of beach stretching out below you. This is Noordhoek.

Noordhoek Beach is a 5 km long stretch of unspoilt beach which heads south towards Kommejie. Although it is the longest stretch of beach on the Cape Peninsula it is not ideal for swimming as it can have a strong backwash and is rather cold.

This a great area to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. There are many places to walk or ride nearby or you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful mountains and beach. While you are in town make sure you visit the Noordhoek Farm Village which offers a variety of shops and includes a hotel.

Noordhoek is a popular destination for horse riding and what could be better than riding a horse along the beach?

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