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Cape Point

Afrikaans name: Kaappunt

Cape Point

Cape Point

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Western Cape

To the south of Cape Town there is a 30 km long stretch of land that juts out into the ocean and this is Cape Point. This area has amazing natural beauty and is definitely an area worth exploring when visiting Cape Town.

It is said that Cape Point is the meeting place of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans but apparently this isn't strictly true. The meeting place is not static and varies.

There are two lighthouses at the point. The older lighthouse is located on the top of the hill and the newer one lower down.

Once can park below the older lighthouse and then either walk to the top or catch a cable car. However you get there it is worth the effort!

Please be aware of the Chacma Baboons in the parking area. These large animals have lost their fear of man and can be quite aggressive, particularly when they are after your food. Do not feed them! Make sure you keep your car windows up and your doors locked.

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