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Wagendrift Dam

Afrikaans name: Wagendriftdam

Wagendrift Dam

Wagendrift Dam as seen on the road leading from the entrance gate

Photo © Steven Herbert


Wagendrift Dam, which includes Moor Park Nature Reserve, is situated alongside the N3 highway near Estcourt. The dam and nature reserve are approximately 980 hectares in extent.

The main attractions at Wagendrift Dam are fishing, boating and water-skiing. It also offers good bird-watching opportunities.

Amongst the fish that may be caught in the dam are Bass, Scaly, Bluegill and Carp.

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There are two trails that offer good birding and some game viewing. The trail along the Bushman's River is 3 km long and is best for birding. The other trail, known as the Furrow trail, is also 3 km long and is better for game-viewing.

There is only one chalet at Wagendrift Dam but there are two camping grounds. The dam and reserve are administered by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

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Wagendrift Dam

Above - There are lots of picnic spots available

Photo © Steven Herbert

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