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Greytown Museum

The Greytown Museum is contained in a house built in 1879

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The Greytown Museum is located in Scott Street in the town of Greytown. The museum is regarded as one of the better small museums in South Africa and has been declared a national monument.

The museum building was originally a house erected in 1879. Originally the building was the residence of the District Surgeon Dr. Daniel Birtwell. It was later taken over by the local magistrate.

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Despite its small size this museum is packed with interesting items. It has rooms devoted to different themes such as the military, Zulus, Indian community and more.

Outside the museum building are a few larger items such as a cannon and a Cape Cart.

At the entrance way to the building stands a massive Natal Fig. This tree was apparently planted by Annie Botha over 100 years ago. Annie was the sister of General Louis Botha and the wife of Dr. Birtwell.

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