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Afrikaans name: Ixopo

Shops in Ixopo

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Ixopo is a small town approximately 100 km inland from Scottburgh. The town was originally named Stuartstown after a magistrate of the area Mr. M. Stuart. He died in 1881 at the Battle of Ingogo.

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The town is surrounded by rolling hills covered in sugarcane and timber. Both of these products are key to the towns survival.

Near the town is the Buddhist Retreat Centre which was named by CNN as one of the finest meditation centres in the world.

Ixopo doesn't offer much of interest to the general tourist but it is a good spot to escape the bright lights. There are a number of trails and waterfalls in the area.

The grasslands near Ixopo are one of the few places in South Africa where the rare Blue Swallow nests.

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