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Afrikaans name: Kimberley

Kimberley's big hole with the city centre in the background

The Big Hole, Kimberley

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Northern Cape

Kimberley is the capital of South Africa's Northern Cape province. It's history is closely aligned to the early diamond history in South Africa.

The 'Big Hole', a well-known landmark of Kimberley, actually started as a small hill. It is the result of miners mining the area inbetween 1877 and 1914. The Kimberley Big Hole covers an area of 42 acres and is 240 metres deep. Three tons of diamonds were mined. There is a recreation of the original town next door to the museum.

The city of Kimberley was founded in 1912 when the Boroughs of Kimberley and Beaconsfield were combined.

Today Kimberley still serves as the centre for mining and agriculture in the surrounding region. It is also a popular tourist destination.

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Photo © Johan van Zyl

Photo © Johan van Zyl

Photo © Johan van Zyl

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