The Wildebeest's guide to South Africa

Kruger - Portrait of a National Park by David Paynter and Wilf Nussey

Cover of Kruger - Portrait of a National Park by David Paynter and Wilf Nussey

Author: David Paynter and Wilf Nussey

Number of pages: 287

Year published: 1986

Published by: Macmillan South Africa (Publishers) Pty Ltd


ISBN: 0-86954-208-7

The Wildebeest's Review of Kruger - Portrait of a National Park

The Wildebeest reviewing a book

This beautiful book will appeal to any lover of Kruger National Park. The first half of the book is fascinating reading while the second half is devoted to the best routes for game viewing.

If you ever wondered about the history of the park and how it is run then you are bound to find the answer in this book. You will get some behind the scenes info as well as some fascinating stories of events that have occurred in the park.

While you are in Kruger you should look at the suggested routes that you can take from the camp that you are staying at. The write-ups highlight all sorts of things to be looked for on each route. The routes, as well of the rest of the book, are beautifully illustrated.

Overall this is a great book for any visitor to Kruger National Park to add to your library. If you haven’t yet visited the park, but are planning to, then you will find that it will help you plan your trip.

Die boek is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

Some of the subjects in this publication

Kruger National Park - Page: 1
Southern Tree Agama - Page: 14
Gridia seriocephalus - Page: 19
Baobab - Page: 24
Marula - Page: 24
Umbrella Thorn - Page: 25
Fever Tree - Page: 25
Sycamore Fig - Page: 25
Lala Palm - Page: 28
Sausage Tree - Page: 28
Jackal-berry - Page: 28
Leadwood - Page: 28
Wild Date Palm - Page: 28
Mopane - Page: 28
Red Thorn - Page: 29
Pod Mahogany - Page: 29
Lavender Tree - Page: 29
Natal Fig - Page: 29
Bitter False-Thorn - Page: 29
Sourplum - Page: 29
Pigeonwood Tree - Page: 29
Coral Tree - Page: 29
Common Spike-Thorn - Page: 30
Carrot Tree - Page: 30
Worm-bark False-Thorn - Page: 30
Buffalo-Thorn - Page: 30
Flame Lily - Page: 30
Black Bitterberry - Page: 30
Pride-of-De-Kaap - Page: 30
Impala-lilies - Page: 30
Candelabra Tree - Page: 30
River Bushwillow - Page: 30
Tamboti - Page: 30
Wild Firebush - Page: 30
Sneezewood Tree - Page: 30
Barberton Daisy - Page: 30
Lichtensteins Hartebeest - Page: 76
Pretoriuskop Camp, KNP - Page: 169
Jock of the Bushveld - Page: 175
Berg-en-Dal Camp, KNP - Page: 177
Skukuza Camp, KNP - Page: 181
Tshokwane Picnic Site, KNP - Page: 187
Lower Sabie Camp, KNP - Page: 195
Crocodile Bridge Camp, KNP - Page: 195
Satara Camp, KNP - Page: 209
Orpen Gate, KNP - Page: 219
Orpen Camp, KNP - Page: 221
Olifants Camp, KNP - Page: 225
Balule Camp, KNP - Page: 229
Letaba Camp, KNP - Page: 230
Shingwedzi Camp, KNP - Page: 243
Punda Maria Camp, KNP - Page: 259


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